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We are a school of extraordinary families and outstanding teachers. 
We are an inspiring educational community - nestled in the stunning foothills of Mount Vitosha on the outskirts of Sofia.Geloren Dog Chewable jelly 90 tablets dog joints ligaments tendons Ham flavored
We are an exceptional IB world school offering children from 4 to 18 years a world class educational experience.  
We take pride in academic achievement, and value creativity and athletic talent with equal vigor.
We offer a curriculum and approach that looks beyond the classroom and prepares our students for the challenges and opportunities that the world has to offer. 

We are the Anglo-American School of Sofia

The International Choice

Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Pad for Crates and Beds Mat Kennels, joblyc1367-Beds

Salama, Grade 11

"AAS is a school that values education and an individual’s contribution to the community, both in and out of school. Vineyard Vines Target Collab Pet Leash For Dogsledding IN HAND

Everyone comes to this school with a purpose, whether it is to gain knowledge or to share it."

Elena, Grade 11

"I love the diversity of our community. Each person brings their own culture, tradition and style into AAS which helps form this unique atmosphere, allowing you to look at the world from a different lens."

Keith, Grade 10

There is a sense of family and belonging from the day you enroll to the day you graduate. Whether it's a fellow peer, or a teacher, there's always someone by your side". 

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Over two million euros invested in scholarship program for talented Bulgarian students.

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Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Pad for Crates and Beds Mat Kennels, joblyc1367-Beds

Brandon, Grade 11

"I came here as a child who had never schooled out his country and hardly ever interacted with foreigners. AAS has contributed a lot to who I am now as a person, thanks to the environment it offers and the people I have met."Split And Pilot Point Bit

Shon, Grade 10

"AAS has given me an important view on the world and its cultures, it taught me that not all people are the same and that all people should be accepted for who they are not where they are from."

2X(Bomba de agua del acuario, bomba sumergible, bomba de agua sumergible, bZ8X4) Blagovesta, Grade 10

"The lessons at AAS are not concentrated on dry material but each of them also connects to the world we live in, which helps you to understand it better."

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On Wednesday the school held a special, all school assembly to formally say thank you, goodbye and send all our good wishes to our outgoing School Director Jim Urquhart and his wife Andie who has served both as the Athletics and Activities Director and as a Middle School counsellor.6 Piece Trixie Senior plus, Acts Entzündungs- and Schmerzhemmend, 6 X After eight years at AAS, the Urquharts are leaving this summer and the school marked the occasion with a school-wide celebration. 

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The third annual AAS High School Career Fair took place this Tuesday and featured a variety of careers that have not been presented in the past. We are grateful for the support of our AAS patrons who represented 10 of the 11 careers that were showcased in the fields of Business Consulting, Public Policy, Social Entrepreneurship, IT, Healthcare, Social Inclusion, Commerce, Architecture, Catering, Acting and Finance.

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