Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Day Fail

A couple of weeks ago Sophie's teacher sent home a notice that they would be doing a Valentine event at school and that if she wanted to participate to bring in 18 cards for her classmates. In addition, we were to help make some kind of box or bag that was decorated for the kids to put the card *into*. Simple enough. I planned ahead enough to buy the cards last weekend. Yeah me!

Fast-forward to yesterday morning. I was getting Sophie ready for school when I realized that today was the day of her party. I had totally forgot. In fact, I had entirely forgot about the decorated box we were suppose to make. I threw Sophie's card in her backpack and we headed off to school. No box for the cards.

Yesterday when I picked her up she mentioned that I had forgot to make the mailbox for her. She told me she was the only one who did not have one. I felt... terrible. The kind of terrible that only a parent can understand when disappointing their child. She was not sad. She was not mad. Just matter-of-fact. She was happy with the cards she received. She said she had fun. Just not box.

I don't have a lot of time. I get up in the morning. Get ready for work. Get Sophie up and ready for school. We drive to school and I wait in the car drop-off lane with all of the other parents. I go to work for a full day. I pick Sophie up from her after-school care at 5:30. If we don't have to do any errands after work we can be home by 6. I make dinner for us and try to have it ready by 6:30. We sit and eat dinner until about 7pm then it is off to the bath. Bath time from 7 to 7:30. Get her jammies on and into bed about 8pm. She still has a hard time sleeping on her own so most nights I get in bed the same time she does and read a book or watch a documentary. That is my Monday - Friday. No deviation.

Weekends are a time to go shopping, yard work, clean, laundry, and everything else. Including getting Sophie's school stuff done. During the week there is no point where I can slip it in. Unless of course I want to keep her up later which I refuse to do. I think sleep trumps just about everything for growing kids. Last weekend Sophie already had a project to do (on Super Bowl weekend... whatever). She had to create a diorama of an area in Australia. Which really means I had to do a diorama on Australia. She is 5. 

In the midst of finishing one project for/with her last weekend, I forgot to do have her do the other project of the Valentine box. Sigh. Didn't we use to do that stuff when we were in school as kids? Regardless. I forgot. As hard as I feel like I try, I still fail at times.  

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  1. We all "fail" sometimes and maybe it's good to show that we are all human and capable of making mistakes. For 2 out of the last 3 weeks I forgot to put my daughter in a red shirt for school spirt Fridays. Just getting the homework done every night is hard enough and Elizabeth is only in 1st grade!

    You're doing great.