Monday, February 8, 2016

9 Months

Yesterday before the Super Bowl we went to Costco to buy a bunch of provisions for the week ahead. We did our shopping and as with most trips there, we ended up having a hot dog for lunch (something Holly started). Their dogs are huge and I am always amazed when Sophie finishes the whole thing. Heck, I rarely finish the whole thing.

As we were eating there was another little girl who was sitting at the table behind us. As little kids do, they were best friends in no time. The other little girl was a month older than Sophie (cause apparently learning the vitals of your new best friend is pretty important.) Surrounding us were several other tables with women of various ages pretending to be looking at their phone or busy doing something else. In reality they were all listening to Sophie and her new best friend as they talked and talked and talked. It really was adorable.

The other girl pointed to her mother and told Sophie her mom's name. Sophie pointed to me and told her my name (and my age which somehow always seems important for Sophie to share).  The other little girl then asked Sophie were her mom was. Sophie (very matter-of-factly) told her that her mom had died and was in Heaven. The other girl seemed to have a little trouble processing that (which I am glad). The women who were listening-in seemed sort of crest-fallen. A cute little conversation between two sweet girls had suddenly become more serious in a not-very-happy sort of way. While not numb to it, I have heard that conversation enough times now to know how it goes. 

By this time Sophie was done her with her lunch and it was time to head home. We got up and were walking away when one of the women who had been listening came over and told me she was sorry for my loss. Very kind words from a perfect stranger. It was also a very distinct reminder of how painful it was to have lost my wife just 9 short months ago.

I miss you Holly.

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  1. I miss all of Holly's post of Sophie in the snow and 1st days of school and her new gadgets. I know you miss everything about her. thanks for keeping us updated on Sophie.Keeping Holly alive for us through her.I pray that your heartache goes away.I wish you all the best.