Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Holly

Today you would have been 31. You would have been so excited because your birthday was on a Friday. I know what kind of cake you wanted. You had already told me this year. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream. I would have Veuve Clicquot waiting in the fridge for you. You probably would have told me you wanted some new Kendra Scott earrings as one of your birthday presents. I would have gotten you roses. As I do, I would have looked for the perfect card for you and tried to put into words how much I love you. That was always your favorite gift. I wish you were still here so I could do all those things for you one last time.

You always loved your birthday. You would remind me that no matter how old you got I would still be 11 years older than you. That was one of your favorite things to give me grief about but we both always thought it was so funny.

I told Sophie it was your birthday this morning and she was so excited. She asked if we could sing the birthday song when we got home tonight. I of course said yes. She misses you. I miss you. You are still so loved.

Happy Birthday sweet wife.

All my love,


Our first year celebrating your birthday together (2009).

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  1. Thanks a lot dear for the photograph. This birthday cake is so beautiful. Did you make it or bought it? My best friend’s birthday is coming and I am also planning a surprise party for him. I would hold this party at some outdoor San Francisco venues!