Monday, September 28, 2015

Headed South for the Texas Rice Festival

It is that time of year again. Fall in Texas means the Texas Rice Festival is about to be in full swing. This year is going to be a little different for me though. Holly is gone. Sophie is not doing the pageant. I still need to pick out a headstone for Holly's grave while I am down there. The usual fun and laid-back event is going to be muted for me. It will be nice seeing family and friends but I can't help but feel a little hesitant about this trip.

I think this is the 5th TRF I have been to. Holly always looked so forward to going down for it each year. I know she had such fun and loving memories of the event. She was the Junior Rice Queen one year. She got Sophie involved in doing the pageant (against my better judgement she talked me into it!). What Holly really LOVED was the food and spending time seeing her friends. She looked forward to it all year. The TRF was something Holly would have gone to regardless of where she lived. It was her thing. They are her people.

Sophie and I are flying down on Wednesday and coming back home to Colorado on Sunday. A quick trip by Holly's standards. Sophie has struggled a little more often lately with missing her mom. I hope that seeing Gee and Paw Paw and having fun on all the rides will help her focus on happy things for a little bit. We will all put on our brave face and do our best to smile our way through the festival. In our hearts the only thing we will feel is the unimaginable loss of someone who left us way too soon. She will be everywhere.

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