Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Advice For Stay-at-Home Moms (Serious)

Shortly after Holly passed away I got in-touch with the social security department on what I needed to do to get Sophie signed up as the beneficiary of Holly. As it came to happen, it was quite a shock. Due to the fact that she had been unable to work due to her AVM, she did not have enough work credit hours to qualify for social security payments for Sophie. All told, Sophie and I were eligible for a one time lump payment of about $250. Total. No more. After reading more on the rules and regulations in situations like this, we were screwed.

Most of the time when the parent of a minor child passes away, the child receives a monthly check for around $1000 to help cover expenses. Not in our case though. Sophie falls into the group of 5% of children who receive nothing when they lose their parent.

We had just started the SSI Disability paperwork for Holly at the end of April. It is a process that takes months and months to get approved. We never made it that far. I am still researching some options but it does not look good. Our government throws money around but when it comes to doing it for a good cause, you get the shaft.

I make enough money we will ultimately be okay. It still doesn't make sense though how Sophie will end up falling through a crack on this. Suck.

The moral of this story is that if you are a stay-at-home-mom and have been for awhile, buy some life insurance. Don't let the government stick it to you. Life insurance is fairly inexpensive and will save your family a world of financial binds if something happened to you. 

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