Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So. Many. Tasks. So many.

I am at work but it feels like all I am doing is taking care of other things.
  • Finding a new doctor for Sophie
  • Meeting with an estate lawyer
  • Finding a new doctor for me
  • Appointment with nurse to go over my physical health for my life insurance policy
  • Birthday to attend this weekend
  • Checking with Sophie's teachers to make sure she is okay
  • Arranging the TV repair guy to fix one of our TV's
  • Checking on her application for The Classical Academy for NEXT year.
Somewhere in there I am also doing work that I am way behind on. Way behind. Fortunately I love my job and my company and appreciate their generosity a great deal. It just means working more at home when I can.

Holly was the one who called doctors and made appointments and arranged birthday parties and gifts. She could be home when we needed to have something done during the day. I need to clone myself. This is harder than I would have ever imagined. I lost more than I could have ever imagined. I lost my partner, my friend, and my child's mother. How do you ever replace any of those things? 

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