Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Tough day without you. Sophie woke up to give me a gift and a card (with some very kind assistance). We had a lazy morning then went out to lunch and a movie. Sophie and I wore our matching Captain America shirts to go see the Avengers. It was a nice day but I couldn't help but feel like we were missing a key part of our family. You would have done something nice for me and made plans to cook my one of my favorite meals. Probably your Mexican casserole that I love so much. Instead it was just Sophie and I and both of us missing you.

Tonight while we were on Facetime with your parents Sophie started to pull things out of her toy box to show them. One of the things she pulled out was Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. It made me think of the time when we drove from Bend to Seattle so Sophie could see her favorite show in person. You bought front row seats and the VIP package where we got to meet the characters. I will never forget how when the show started you began to cry because you were so happy for Sophie to be as excited as she was. You loved her so much. I remember that trip so clearly. The weather. The places we went. Everything. You loved Sophie so much and I want her to always know that. You were the best mother I could possibly imagine. We miss you.

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