Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This morning I took Sophie to the ENT doctor to take a look at her super huge right tonsil. The doc and I discussed several different options (we settled on a sleep study for now) and several times she mentioned that it was no rush and I could discuss it with my wife. I didn't say anything (I mean what do you say?). Eventually after she said it again Sophie stopped us be telling the doctor that, "her mommy is in Heaven now." The doctor paused... I got teary eyed... she got a little teary eyed as well. She left to get some information and came back with a new Barbie doll that she gave to Sophie. She patted my leg and I about lost it right there. Tough morning.

I still wear my wedding ring. I cannot imagine taking it off. I guess at some level I still feel like you are going to come back to us. Miss you.

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