Sunday, May 17, 2015

Death in the South

Being raised in the northwest was a different experience when it came to death. Someone passed, a funeral is held, and that is the end of it. Down here in Texas it is an entirely different scenario. One day there is an immediate family viewing. The following day there is a public viewing for all friends and family. Finally, there is the actual funeral followed by an internment service at the graveside. The mourning process is drawn out. It is not a quick one time event but rather something that stretches on and on. At some level it is comforting. Having time to digest and accept the inevitable without feeling rushed.

In a few hours we will be holding the public viewing and I find myself in an emotionally drained place. I have cried so much but the tears always replenish themselves. I am feeling just so broken. I know life will move on. I know that at some point there will be a sense of normalcy that  kicks in. As of today that seems so far away that I cannot even envision it. Right now I just miss my wife so damn much.

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